Friday, September 25, 2009

Nero d'avola from Sicily

I was in Sicily for the last weekend, and one of the reason that I went to Sicily was of course wine, the other was fish :)
First of all I want to say that, they really o very good wine. But my favorite was Nero d'avola.
The taste o fNero d'avola is a little friuty, sweety and smells like peach, easy to drink, not so strong. It is just my type of wine. Yesterday I bought a bottle of "Terre di Ginestra Nero d'avola" and will try this weekend.

Sicily is an island on the south part of Italy. It's very close to the continent Africa. Between Tunisa and Sicily there are ferries, and they said that it takes only 5 hours to go to Tunisia by ferry, means that they are really close.

Anyway, when you go to Sicily you see that every single part of the land is covered by wineyards. The island is very windy, and the weather is sunny most of the year, during the winter they say it is mild, not so cold. All these make the island very good place for wine grape.
I have taken the picture on the top left, it is the train station of Mozia, Sicily. You see the endless wineyard.
My Sicily trip was very exiting, this time I did the west part, next time will do the east part, and will go to Mt. Etna.