Sunday, November 22, 2009

November has arrived, it's Novello time,

2 weeks ago, with my some friends, after seeing the Caravaggio and Bacon at Galeria Borghese, I was a little hungry , so was Enrico. With his wife we all went to a 'pizza al taglio'(a pizza place where you can buy sliced pizza)place. The place was very important for Enrico, because he said that best sliced pizza was there. And they have their own recipe for preparing the pizza bread (unfortunatly I don't remember the name, but know where it is:))
Anyway, after that we ended up a osticeria and had something to eat and 'vino novello', then I met learnt what Vino Novello is. Literitually it means 'new wine'. However it is not just a new wine. As I learnt, the way of producing this wine is slightly different from the traditional ones.
First this wine is really young wine. On average it is only 2 months old wine. It can be up to a year old, but in general producers wait 2 months and then they bottle it.
As I learnt some producers use some stainless steel container, not the wood ones. And they don't keep the grape shell long in it. So it can be also served cool. I also heard that carbonization process is also different. However I don't know it in detail.

It's tastes is fruity, and generelly its alcohol volume is less, just 11% like some prosecco's. It can be made with different grapes. I am looking for a Nero d'Avola one, but unfortunately couldn't find one yet.
Its season is November, however th strange thing for me was, its selling date is announced by the goverment and it is always in November but the precise date is announced by law.
In summary I liked its fruty taste. But the first one was far better then the one I bought later on. The first one was like a traditional wine. But with the second one, you could feel how young and light it was. But goes well with aperitivo.
By the way, the one bought was a mix of two grapes. I try not to buy the mixed ones but I didn't see it when buying it.