Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My summer dream, Prosecco, Italy's sparkling wine

It has been long time that I was thinking to write about 'Prosecco(or Spumante)'. Prosecco is sparkling wine, made with white grape, which is especially from Veneto region of Italy.
While writing this blog I learnt that Prosecco is also the name of the grape, which they use use to make this lovely drink.
As you may remember, I have moved to Italy in June09. And here summer is really hot. I normally prefer red wine, but when the weather is over 35 you can't even think about it. You want to drink something cold and with gas if possible. If you don't like coke, like me, or beer is not your first choice, there is a great option for you (apart from natural sparkling water of course), which is called Prosecco.
I remember my first night at Serena's place. She offered me prosecco and I looked her eyes blankly, asking what is it? Then she poured a glass of prosecco for me even without waiting my response. When I had the first sip, I said, my goodness this is something what I am looking for, this is great. Freshing, light, fruity, sparkling and cold :)
And all summer I had tried many different prosecco of course. These days the weather is getting cold and I am back to red wine. But I will write about them over next coming weeks.
And the one on the left top is a really tasty, dry and very easy to drink.

Prosecco is mainly from Conegliano and Valdobbiadene parts of Veneto region. So you may see that many names have these names in their names.

Sergio is one of my my favorite. However my admiration is because of the taste, not just the name of it:) I can hear that you are saying 'what'. Let me explain; 'Sergio' is very famous male name here, so one of my friend says that, Italian girls are crazy about this wine, and they are especially choosing this one just beacuse of its name, which is very funny.
But apart from this funny story, its taste is really good, and it is not as light as the others.
And do not forget that, when you open prosecco bottle, you should drink it in one or two days. After two days ou can't feel the bubbles, so the rest is not prosecco and not just white wine. So, dont forget this :)

This one is sweet prosecco, yes it is sweet, which is not my favorite. When I bought this bottle I didn't know that 'dolce' in Italian, means 'sweet'. However I learnt very quickly when I tried it first. They serve this one especially with deserts, cookies or with the first dish (antipasti) which is most generally 'pasta' in Italy. I am no good with sweet drinks that why I didn't like it so much, but I am sure it is much better then many other sweet drinks.