Sunday, March 14, 2010

Barbera d'Alba

It seems that this wine will be one of my favourite. For now my favourite wine from Italy are Nero d'avola, Chianti and this one. Nero d'avola is always first :)

When I first poured this wine, the color was really eye catching. It is dark, very dark. It's smell is also quite strong. Waited a bit, then had a few sips, himm strong. It is stronger then Nero d'Avola, not very easy to drink but goes well with meat. But still you can smell and taste some berries, maybe blackberry. You will obviously feel it. I love fruit prints in wine :)
A friend of mine suggested this wine, and it is already one of my favourites.

Barbera d'Alba
is from Piemonte region of Italy. Torino (Turin) is its capital city. It is up in the north of Italy, surrounded by Alps.