Friday, November 5, 2010

Pinot Nero or Pinot Noir

I first tasted (or maybe the first time I paid attention what I drank after the jump) and learned this grape-wine in New Zealand after I did my first bungy jumping. Maybe because of the jump or not, the wine I drank was brillant, I remember my taste buds were so happy to taste this wine. As I don't have the picture of the bottle I don't remember the producer, however I remember the taste, and it was so good.
Pinot Noir (in French), in Italian it is called "Pinot Nero", and "Pinot" means "Pine", "Nero" or "Noir" means Black. So in English it means "pine black" (çam karası in Turkish- which I have never heard it is always used with its foreign names). It is grounded and produced in many countries. Mostly it is called Pinot Noir with its French name.
In France in Cote d'Or region it is produced. The wine produced here has very good reputation. And this quality is due to many factors and if you want to learn in detail just check this link, there is so much information about it.

Lets come to the point. I did LangTang Trek with Tunç Fındık (a Turkish mountaineer) and last day in Nepal we went to a Nepaleese restaurant and had a few bottle of Italian 2003 Pinot Nero Tenuta Il Bosco Oltrepo Pavese from Lombardia region.
Well its sourness and fruityness made my taste buds so happy :) It is easy to drink, and you feel black forest fruits and a little spicy taste. Not so light but enough strong for a good dinner.
So the only thing rest to you is getting a bottle and trying it.
Cheers, cin cin, şerefe and so on...

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